Saturday, October 16, 2010

A cold and windy Saturday

We've had one hell of a cold snap.  27 deg yesterday and a top of 9 today. WTF??  Accompanying this has been gale force winds, sitting on 60kmph and gusting up to 90.  Its been impossible to go outside and so today I've been stuck inside All Day with two children who are beyond crabby.  I've coped reasonably well, hidden in the bedroom, glued to two laptops designing possibly the most kick-bottom database There Ever Was.  Srsly.  When the bickering outside the door started to impinge on my concentration I just turned my ipod up a bit louder.

What? I explained to hubs that I am Earning Money, and must not be disturbed.  Was not, under any circumstances surfing the net or laughing at lolcats...

funny pictures-Someday. . .   mai prinz will come

At one point I emerged to find the house spooky quiet.  Had those pesky aliens been visiting again and whisked my family away?  Had hubs finally lost it and taken them to Maccers without seeing if I wanted one of those chocolate malteaser sundaes??

Well not exactly, No.

Hubs had instigated a game of hide and seek.

I walked through the laundry twice without thinking anything of our laundry basket and the purple trug.

 And even when hubs said we should investigate the contents, I was somewhat perplexed.

I love that she even has a snack in there with her.  Apparently it'd kept them both completely silent for a good twenty minutes.  Genius I reckon.

One advantage of the weather is that we've got the fire going and are using up the last of the wood, and I got out the last of the bottled nectarines to make a crumble for dessert.

Shall be bottling more when they come in season this year, as they've been a wonderful reminder of summer during the cold winter months.  Didn't really think I'd be one for preserving fruit, but these were well worth the effort.

Garden is somewhat bashed around, and my poor broad beans have had several large branches land on them.  It is so not my year for broad beans. The tomatoes are lying flat and forget about the snowpeas, they've been shredded.  Shall do proper inventory tomorrow, but strawberries still ripening so its not all bad.

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Marita said...

I shall have to remember that clever trick of your husbands.

Our tomatoes have thrived despite this strange weather, I think they've actually doubled in size over the last two days. Strawberries are looking very happy too :)

Mel said...

Sorry to hear about the garden. My son used to love hiding in the laundry hamper.