Friday, October 29, 2010

Making Progress

Of course the kids got sick, I mean it wouldn't be My Life without the kids getting sick.  Just when I thought my re-organising blitz could not be de-railed any further I end up with Miss 4 running a high temperature and me sitting up with her all night (and I mean 3hours sleep, all night).

Today however, Things have been more under control, Miss 4 is much improved and I've caught up on sleep (sort of).  I spent the day in the kitchen, making and freezing sausage rolls for Miss 4s imminent birthday party (I use the Masterchef recipe with a pork and veal mince mix - just the ready made one you can get from Coles or Woolies - they taste damn good and are staple at our kids parties).

I also continued in my quest to get the kitchen under control, piles of paperwork and old newspapers have been sorted, chucked or filed.  School dross (from swimming caps to jazz socks) which were strewn ankle deep in an even layer over every surface have been corralled into one large pile that I'll tackle tomorrow.  AND The clean laundry avalanche has been beaten into submission.

Miracle really.

In other, unrelated news, I have come across a new fly catching device.
Classy (or should that be glassy) eh?

According to some scurrilous home remedy website, I fill my glass (until half empty) with dilute apple cider vinegar, then cover it with glad wrap with holes in it.  The flies, attracted by the fruity smell of the vinegar, crawl through the holes and are trapped and awaiting DOOOM.

The two flies that somehow sneaked in through the backdoor that Someone left open apparently did not see the memo about this.  They spent most of the day flying near, but never landing upon, my cunning device - eventually one fell victim to the dog, and the other my much used fly swat.

I shall give it another day or two, but I'm not holding out much hope.

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

You need a Gordy flytrap!

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