Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Progress so far

Organising the house is Not Going Well.  Am better today, but taking it easy, And have actual work that pays actual money so concentrated on that.

Still, just to illustrate the scope of what I'm up against, here is a before picture of the playroom.

I took this about two hours ago and, incredibly, it presently looks WORSE.

Still, I am not daunted.  I will tackle the playroom or have a damn good excuse tomorrow.

I have written a list of things to do (mmmm, lists) but its huge and boring and irrelevant to anyone but me so I won't post it (unusual I know).

The task of getting re-organised is a large one, but, due to the War on Clutter of last May, I'm thinking its not going to be totally horrific - no doubt I'll find out for sure when I actually do something.


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CRAP Mamma said...

good luck with that, my toy room looks like that most days!!! I go cray about once a month figuring I'll tidy it up so the kids can find some toys amongst the jumk. I'm not doing them any favours I'm sure, just teaching them that they can make as much mess as they like and Mum will eventually crack the poops and tidy it up!! LOL!!!