Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Home safe

Car ticked over 2000ks as I drove up to home last night, around six-ish.  Drive up from Canberra was horrific and I will be quite happy if I never see the inside of a car ever again.

It was an amazing trip.  I met so many incredible people, had a look at their lives - which were so different to mine - thought about my life, got the iPod stuck on going through my music collection alphabetically (A-ha will always be the top of my list), thought about how things are working out at home, planned things, ate crap, got lost in Canberra, and nearly ran over a nun.

Also, I may have bought a pony, and have only just realised its October.  When did that happen?

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Mel said...

Sounds like you had a great time. A nun?

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I did! And yes, a Nun, she skittered across the road in front of me - getting from the car park to Floriade which has pedestrian lights, but apparently she was relying on divine intervention. Still, the other car and me, stopped in time and I didn't even hit the horn - I mean she was a Nun and everything...

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

We'll have nun of that, it's a dirty habit! :D
Sounds like a great trip.

belinda said...

You "think" you bought a pony. Wow those km can really do a head in it seems.

Kind Regards

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

God you make me laugh Sue.

Pony buying is pursuant on enquiries into my good reputation and whether the other party can bear to part with much loved family pet. Thus far all good. But last minute renegging is likely. We Shall See.

But yes, kms did head in. V Tired today and when I shut my eyes feel like I'm going forward at about 100kmph. Gah. :)

Kirsty said...

A pony! What will the chooks say?

Sounds like a fab trip. I love Floriade, went every year (5 years) when we were in Canb. It's a celebration of having survived another Canberra winter. Brrr.