Monday, October 18, 2010

No TV and a lot of ALL CAPS blogging

Further to my 'I am so introverted, I find this blogging biso so haaaaard,' waaaah-fest of last week (I HAD INLAWS, PMT and NEW SCHOOL TERM, okay?). Next time I start heading in that direction, someone point me to the following sign...
Lifted from Naomi's wonderful blog

So as we all know the UNIVERSE HATES ME.  Lately it has demonstrated this by making the possums in the wall pee all over the electrics that run the television.   Not surprisingly this has led to a great deal of blown fuses and singed fur/wee smell down that end of the house.  In the interests of not burning the house down we have - with much agony - turned off that circuit and therefore WE HAVE NO TELEVISION.


We nearly had NO INTERNET, but hubs, somewhat wary of giving his wife a total nervous breakdown, fixed that problem within the first ten minutes.

Its not all bad. As we have internet, so we have iView and access to kids TV and Reading Eggs - though I do have to sacrifice the lappie and keep calm when it gets covered in another layer of sneeze, or even better, sneeze with peanut butter toast in it.

Yes. Life at my house is like living in a 3rd world country it really is. I mean this morning I could not even find the cheese slicer.

But then I did.

Um, anyway.  Things in the garden are looking super-duper awesome right now :). The tomatoes are about to get all tied up as they're growing about 2cms A DAY (I shit you not).  All those weeds in the photo are actually self seeded tatsoi and rocket.  Just goes to show slack-arse gardening has its benefits (I dumped a heap of bolting plants in that garden bed last year, and look at it now!!)

Hubs and I love our chamomile tea each evening before bed, and tonight, for the first time in years our tea will be made with flowers fresh from the garden.  Chamomile is another keen self-seeder so I'm hoping that I've bought it from the supermarket in teabags for the last time.

Apart from that, was up until 11.30pm last night writing party invitations for Miss 4 (we do her party early as she has a near chrissy birthday).  Despite this, I'm suffering from a hefty dose of denial about the whole thing and will worry about all it next week.


3 people love me:

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Who cares if the Universe hates ya! We luvs ya! ♥ Shem you can't shoot them possums eh! You're in the wrong country we can here! ;-D

Cathryn Brunet said...

Glad your garden's going well. Mine was too until the sudden freezing temps and wind burnt all the new growth. No basil for our Sunday night pizza again!

Tenille said...

My tomatoes are growing at a similar rate. If only they'd put all that effort into growing fruit rather than branches. They've outgrown my stake.