Saturday, October 23, 2010

There was a FROG in my HAIR

Barring the odd thunderstorm the weather lately has been divine.  So yesterday morning I was outside working on reformatting possibly the most mind-bending form ever.  Things were going along nicely and I thought I was nearly done, when I realised there was another half a page of information I hadn't put in yet.  Once again, defeat was snatched from the jaws of Victory. Or something.

Being deeply irritated over this I pottered off and weeded the sweet-corn bed (which has produced about 4 sweetcorn plants from the rows and rows of seed I put in - I hate gardening).  When I returned to the laptop, I found I had company.
A teensy-weensy frog had joined me, see there, next to the yellow smear (which is the remains of melted yellow crayon btw - never leave crayons outside if the temp is 40+, makes a bloody awful mess)

Being a 'Real Woman' I elected to catch the frog With My Bare Hands and put it somewhere it bit more friendly and dog-free.  Normally I'd pop a glass over it and scoop it up on a magazine or something. But No. I had to be a Real Woman.

I pounced on the frog, who apparently was way ahead of my lightening reflexes, it panicked jumped onto my arm, I panicked, it panicked more and headed for the nearest cover - which happened to be under my hat - you know, where my head was.
This is what I was wearing (am smiling with my eyes, and yes, my hat is on backwards, what of it?), and the frog disappeared under my hair behind my ear.

I won't go into the next events, suffice to say there was a great deal of girly shrieking which set off every dog in the vicinity.

The frog, having more of a brain than me, bugged out quickly, landed back on the table with a plop - and waited quietly until I'd calmed down, and fetched a glass and a magazine.  It is now living happily in the weeds behind the cubby house.

Yesterday was my day for wildlife it seems.

4 people love me:

Mel said...

I would have been screaming my head off and jumping around like a maniac!!

Fi said...

A frog in your hair is better than a toad in your...

oh nevermind..

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol A frog... wow, I think I'd be screaming,and yelling until it was out... then spotting the little thing I'd feel sorry for it. :)
It's all the rain, of late.

Tenille said...

It's all fun and games until somebody jumps in your hair.