Friday, October 22, 2010


So far today we've had a lost possum on the roof (he's now safely tucked in his tree and we've left some apple slices for later).

I have had to put up with this vehicle parked in my driveway, lowering the tone of the place to unseen depths - it has BACKPACKER written on the side.  BACKPACKER.
 It also has a backpacker in it.

And, given the overwhelming amount of inside work I have to do (house trashed, no clean clothes for the children (and I mean none), book to write, paid work to complete), I have given up on it all and will be outside for the rest of the day, and takeaway for tea.
Those are red currant bushes at the back there, getting along nicely after we put them in a month or so ago, and rhubarb at the front.  It was transplanted a couple of months ago (it got too much sun where it was before) and thus far is thriving.

4 people love me:

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Not a backpacker! tut tut! ;-D

Veronica said...

I really like you, but WHY on earth are you feeding the possum? Or is that just my upbringing shining through and normal people don't hate possums?

It could just be me.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I KNOW Sue, I know.

Guilt Veronica, pure unadulterated guilt. He lived in our wall until a few days ago and I've made him homeless. Poor confused possum. Also we've put the slices near the possum box so hopefully he'll move in. sigh.

Sami Lee said...

So having a possum on the roof is not a metaphore for insanity. Hmmm.