Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring Flush

I am still not fully happy that its October. Long school holidays and (gulp) christmas are starting to loom, today Miss 4 had her kindi orientation, plans for her birthday party are underway (God Help Me), I'm starting to get all squinty-eyed about turning 39, and the year seems to be slipping away.

Though things happen much more slowly in the garden, its still going off out there.
Tomatos and basil (and weeds), now 20cms tall or so.

Corn (and weeds)

My leafy greens, with lettuces just starting to bolt, and celery nearly ready for harvest.

This bed is where the chook pen used to be and grew our amazing winter spuds.  We've now got artichokes coming along at the top left there, beans planted along the fence, zucchini and squash are in there and a heap of carrots.

The strawberries are going off in the front garden.  Here is our first ripe one, and see all those unripe ones still to come!!  I've got over 100 strawberry plants out the front now and they're all dripping fruit.
Rather chuffed actually, given our usual paltry offerings when it comes to fruit.

The apple trees have burst into leaf in the last couple of days, the citrus are all weighed down with sappy new growth and millions of flowers, my beans and sunflowers are jumping out of the ground and we'll be harvesting the first of the broad beans on the weekend.

Bliss :)

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Mel said...

Everything looks and sounds so good. I am jealous.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yes but the weeds are growing fastest of all!!

Fi said...

Strawberries already! Mmmm not jealous. Much.