Friday, October 24, 2008

Awesome Meal

We had quite a few brilliant meals whilst we were away. In fact the food was really excellent everywhere we went. But I think the biggest surprise was the Hardy's Bay RSL.

This is the Hardy's Bay RSL.

Yes. When I saw it all I could think of was our Year 10 camping trip to Colo River as well.

Still, its an RSL. They almost always do decent, if a bit unimaginative fare. I was all geared up for my prawn cocktail followed by steak Dianne, and if feeling lavish maybe ice-cream.


When we arrived we were rather nervously told that TONIGHT the chef was unveiling his new menu. For the FIRST TIME EVER. Oh yes indeedy.

Well. The menu was promising, things looked good and the decision was made that we would go the whole hog. Yes. Starters. Mains. Dessert. Coffee.

And go the whole hog we did. I had the most sublime prawn, mango and fennel salad, followed by a divine chicken breast with potato galette, blue cheese tortellini and leek garnish. Then. THEN. I had creme brulee.


Not what we expected, and a most plesant surprise. I really hope this pays off for the chef and the RSL, it was the best meal we've had in a long time.

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rhiancahill said...

OMG! My mouth is watering just reading this.