Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vege Garden Update

Its been a really busy six months or so. Deadlines have been coming at me thick and fast. Also, in keeping with my new "I cannot do it all" approach to life, I have chosen sanity over keeping up with the vege garden.

Not that its all gone to pot. (Tee hee - pot, gettit! Sorry, for those not living around Sydney there has been a recent spate of nice suburban houses which, upon investigation, have been found to have ginormous crops of wacky weeds either in the garden or growing hydroponically inside).

I did manage to get in some Broad Beans and snow peas.
But, I didn't get to putting in my winter seeds. So instead I took the expensive lazy option and bought some onion seedlings. (Oh, and there was a four for $12 deal going so I got some lettuces as well...

And some celery).
Now I just have to plant them.

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