Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seaside Daisies OR Having an Old Lady Rant

Pretty huh? Yes, that's what I thought. Until I found out that my carefully grown Seaside Daisies are in fact a weed that is a particular problem in the Blue Mountains (an area about 50kms west of here).

I bought them from my local garden centre.

I know.

It makes me so immensly cross that they sell these type of plants willy-nilly without any warning or suggestion that they're not an environmentally sound choice for the area I live in. I would've thought that a garden centre was the exact place where anyone could be aware of what is good in the garden and what could turn into a disaster. But NO. Its all about profit isn't it. Its all about what sells.

For the first time this corner of the garden is just starting to look pretty...

And now I'm going to have to take out the daisies and plant something else.


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Jess Dee said...

At least your weeds look pretty.
I only have weeds in my garden, and they all look like overgrown towers of destruction.