Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Long Weekend

In Australia we have a public holiday to commemorate all women who give birth. Its called Labour Day, and it meant that we all had a holiday on Monday. Some people claim this holiday is something to do with politics and unions and things. But yanno, I know what its really all about.

Anyhoo, what did it mean to me, this long weekend. And NO, I am not about to launch into yet another detailed description of both times I have given birth. I do that every year on each of the small screamies birthdays. No what this long weekend meant to me was three entire days in the company of my husband, his parents and my children.

And it rained.


So you're going to understand why, as I sit here, I really just want to stare into space and ...

Sorry was staring into space.

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Amanda Knight said...

Oh love! I feel it... your pain! It was starting off so well... company of your husband... and then, well - more stuff to store up for your writing!