Sunday, October 19, 2008

'm on holiday

I'm on holidays. Yes indeedy. We have taken a week off, and headed about 40mins north of home to a place called Killcare.

Here is our view...

Not bad don't you think?

The kids and the dog think its quite good as well.

I have decided to come and live here. Hubby and the kids can stay at home and I'll come up here and write books. Excellent plan I thought. Hubby's not so sure.

Had to escape from paradise during the afternoon and head back to Sydney for a baby shower (yes, very civilised it was with cups of tea and fairy cakes and me crapping on and on about how horrible Miss Beanie-baby's birth was. WHY do I insist on telling this story to pregnant women? WHY?).

It was my first baby shower ever AND I got to revisit my youth and play pass-the-parcel. Yes an immensly exciting afternoon. Won a jar of age defying cream. Grite. Being one who believes that the Universe sends us what we need in life am now practically glued to the mirror looking for wrinkles. Have found quite a lot. More than I realised I had. Am expecting great things from this cream. Great things.

2 people love me:

Sami Lee said...

Who on earth thinks age defying cream is a good idea for a prize??? Lordy.

Rachael Johns said...

Am soooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! Not of the age-defying cream, although I've got wrinkles too :) but of the holiday! I NEED ONE!!