Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Day

Weather still a complete joke. Photo below of me and in-laws taking late spring stroll along beach. This is in between rain squalls, and in the middle of a Force 7 gale. Children and dog have been blown away. Rest of population sensibly inside.Cos its a classy kind of holiday we took shelter at the Ettalong Pie shop.
Actually, they were excellent pies.
Of course there is always some insufferable smarty-pants making lemonade out of lemons. Two insane kite surfers having unrool fun (or keeping the sea rescue guys on their toes). One is the white bracket in the middle of the photo (NO that is NOT a seagull) and the other is the dark red bracket to his left (NO that is not a mark on your screen). It was a bit beyond the camera's zoom, that's as close as I could get.

So its home tomorrow. Been a good break and have fallen in love with another bit of NSW. Can't complain.

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rhiancahill said...

Blown away?? LOL
Glad to see you got outside. Sounds like you've had a great week.