Friday, October 10, 2008

Well Shiver Me Timbers...

You Are 75% Pirate

Shiver me timbers! You be a tried an' true buccanneer. Yer likely the captain - shoutin' orders to scrub the deck or walk the plank.
If anyone questions yer shipmate skills, ye'll jus' crush the'r barnacles!
Ye have been flying the Jolly Roger fer a long time. So long that you likely be havin' a bad case o' scurvy.

Oh, its scurvey. That explains the bad breath, falling out teeth and thinning hair. I was sure it was old age.


Pirates seem to be a bit of a theme with me at the moment. You see I've just been writing a scene in The Bunker where everyone talks in Pirate. Yes, it is a romantic suspense, yes compter hackers are involved and a nuclear bunker. But this doesn't mean there can't be a bit of pirate-speak. No. Not at all.

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