Sunday, January 17, 2010

Domestic Godessing

Spent the afternoon making Peach Brandy. See...


Actually it is. Have tested it numerous times.  First few times it made my right eye twitch a bit, but it's all good now.

And in case you were wondering what I get up to on a Saturday night...

Peeling nectarines, checking emails and working on latest manuscript. Yes a multi-tasking domestic goddess, me.

And then this morning I bottled them (the nectarines, not the manuscript, tempting though that thought is).

Looking forward to opening these up in the winter and making a crumble or having them warm with cream.  Well, if they don't give us botulism first.

Decided not to make the nectarines into jam as I arrived at mumndads yesterday to find dads had made about four tonnes of peach jam.

But, in retaliation I have made a significant amount of strawberry jam.

Of course the wretched wretched stuff isn't sodding setting. AGAIN. And NO I did not use jam-setter and YES I shall be starting again tomorrow with jam-setter.

But shhhh, don't mention it to Dads. K?


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Quixotic said...

Wow- you really are in full on multi-tasking Goddess mode, aren't you? Stop by my place, I have a pressie for you!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

What? What? Is it a puppy?? Oh wait a sec, I can't come to your house... I don't have a passport. :(

GOD I make myself laugh.

Okay, going to bed now. Clearly overtired.

E. said...

Multitasking and domestic goddess. Plus published author. Can I be you if I grow up?

Eleni Konstantine said...

More power to you with the domestic Godessing - very cool.

Anonymous said...

LOL E. If you were me then you'd have to have my children. And I wouldn't wish that on another living soul!!

Cait :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eleni :)