Friday, January 29, 2010

Kate's Blog

I follow Kate's blog.  At the moment she is writing about the tragedy of losing her daughter, Olivia, who was killed in a car accident shortly after Christmas.  She was nine.  Even as I parent I can barely imagine what Kate is going through right now.  Its not easy to read her posts - although she is a wonderful writer - but I read them for Kate, because that support, little though it is, is all I can offer her.  I always leave a comment as well, stunningly difficult though it is.  What words are there, after all?

After reading her latest post I had to go and sit quietly in the front garden for a while, just to digest it.  We've been working very hard out there of late, mulching around the fruit trees - which the possums have been eating - planting out strawberries and whatnot.  As I sat there a thin, gold colour snake slid out of the murryana hedge and into a gap under some newspaper mulch.  I don't mind snakes.  So aside from decreeing no more bare feet in the front garden we'll leave it be - also I've got a bit of experience with black and brown snakes and its neither of them - I think its a non-venemous green tree snake.

Last winter it looked like this out there.

And now it looks like this.
Still a work in progress. But we're getting there.

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Being Me said...

There's life in your garden yet. Looking good.

As if Kate's life wasn't already amazingly challenging enough... I too feel compelled to help but all thumbs in reply to the exceptional clarity of her posts.

life and the memoirs said...

I've just had a browse over 'Kate's Blog', heart wrenching. Shall read more another time, too too sad. Somethings in life we will never understand.

Rachael Johns said...

Oh golly... Kate's blog really puts life into perspective doesn't it? I feel such a selfish cow for whinging about my kids and being cranky to them all day! My heart goes out to Kate and her family!

Kirsty C said...

Me too Rach. Kids thought it weird how I hugged them for a loooooong time after school today.

Corinne said...

Thank you for sharing Kate's blog.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I think of Kate and her family every day and its really put a lot of things in perspective for me. My God she's been through so much. I'm thinking I'll name a character in my next book Olivia, after her daughter.

Kate said...

<3 Hugs and thanks to you, Caitlyn <3
I can totally understand that you (and others) don't know what to say when you comment- hell, I'm like that 24/7. So don't feel like you need to leave a long comment, just saying((hugs))etc says it all.

My blog has now taken a totally different path to what I created it for, but that's ok. It's really comforting for me to know that so many people are reading my blog, as by doing that, you're all holding my hands as I work my way through this horrible fog. xx