Friday, January 15, 2010

Making Tomato Sauce

So today we went to Koala Park at Castle Hill.  Couldn't face the zoo - it'd have been too full on for all of us.  Koala Park is a funny place. Hasn't been updated since 1973, even the jokes of the guy doing the shearing demonstration were lurking around 1981 somewhere.  Still the animals were beautifully looked after and it was a diverting and stunningly expensive way to spend the morning.

We came home via Dural/Galston and stopped at a roadside stalls to pick up some fruit and veg. Quite a lot as it happens.

6kgs white nectarines, 3kgs yellow peaches, 3kgs Strawberries and a kilo of roma tomatoes.

As soon as I got home I got started cooking.  First on the list was tomato sauce. I used the roma tomatoes with a kilo of my home grown heirloom ones, along with home grown carrots, basil, onions and garlic. Even the red wine vinegar I used was made by dad.

Heirloom carrots and home grown basil...

Right now the tomato sauce is cooking in the oven and the house smells divine. I'm really really proud of it.  Food miles for the roma tomatoes is about 10kms, and other than the salt, pepper and oil, I grew the rest of it. Very chuffed.

As for the rest of it. I'm planning peach brandy, nectarine liqueur, strawberry jam and nectarine jam. Well, if they all don't get eaten first. :)

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Heather Boyd said...

Geez, I'm starting to feel guilty that I don't do stuff like this. I mean I can cook and I have the beginnings of a vege patch. Hmm... now if I can get my hubby to let me have chooks and expand the vege beds I could be like you. That backyard of mine could do with improvement. *grin*

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Your vege patch sounds like its getting there Heather :) My patch started as an area about 2m x 1.5m and has slowly taken over the last five years. Hubby has taken convincing too, but he loves the fresh veg.

belinda said...


That really is an achievement. I am a little envious of the coloured tomatoes, lots of green ones here but nothing has coloured up so far.

Good Luck with the rest of the season.

Kind Regards

Quixotic said...

Awesome!! My vegie patch is just about played out, and is forlornly waiting for me to pull my finger out and turn it over and re-plant. Pity it's so effing hot I don't go outside til 10pm!!!

greenfumb said...

Wasn't 359 Galston Rd by any chance - I went there on Wednesday and spent all day today making tomato sauce and preserving nectarines.

greenfumb said...

BTW maybe we should team up and reduce the food miles even further.

Lyndel said...

Makes me want to pop on a apron and start creating too.You can't beat a productive day in the kitchen!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Belinda :) I ripen a lot of my tomatos on the kitchen windowsill, otherwise the birds/possums get them.

Hey Quixotic :) Up your way the serious planting doesnt start for a couple of months anyway does it?? I'm just keeping a few things going but a lot has got sunburnt and is now dying. Did plant some heat tolerant cos the other day, shall see if it survives - usually lettuce is impossible this time of year

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Good LORD Greenfumb - it was indeed 359 Galston road. Wonderful fruit stall, I don't get over there nearly often enough.

Lyn, let me know what you're creating. Will help with taste testing if needed. :)