Monday, January 11, 2010

It has come to this.

Well it had to happen eventually. I mean, I'd rather it didn't happen at all, but life being what it is I had long ago resigned myself to its inevitability.

Yes. My children saw me ironing.

I don't like to iron.

Well. That's a slight understatement. I loathe to iron so much that I do not possess any clothes What-So-Ever that require ironing.  In fact, when I opened my birthday present from my mother and saw it was a Shirt that Required Ironing I felt overcome with a surge of irritation that practically negated any lingering resentment from the whole Christmas re-gifting debacle. 

Oh I am grateful for the shirt, as it suits me very well and is slimming and flattering and I can wear it all over the place. BUT, oh GOD it needs to be ironed and thus shall be worn, washed and then hang about, hooked over the back of a chair in the dining room waiting to be ironed until company turns up that requires it to be hidden (as part of my futile quest to Look Like I Am Actually Coping) in the spare bedroom, whereupon the cat will sleep on it and it will have to be washed again and the whole cycle will continue until I bribe hubby to do it for me with some Vile Wifely Duty.


If you are wondering, that's Miss 5's school uniform and I was ironing on name-labels before I lose the wretched things - also it might make school happen faster.  I need school to happen quickly as I am not sure how much longer I can survive; it's a race between drowning whilst being jumped on in the swimming pool, being bitten to death by sand-flies and mosquitoes whilst on yet another 'picnic,' a fatal fall involving a mystery puddle, a lot of lego and four carefully aligned matchbox cars, or choking to death when trying to eat a Portuguese tart in one mouthful without chewing in the pantry.


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Kellyansapansa said...

I can so relate to this - I don't own any clothes that need ironing either. I can't believe in this day and age that scientists have not yet invented fabrics that don't crease. Well, except for latex and I got a written warning last time I wore that to work.

Being Me said...

LOL! Condolences. I detest it too. In fact... I can't remember the last place I saw my ironing board. I think it off and scarpered to the city to live 'a more exciting life.'

Quixotic said...

I too, hate ironong, but am one of those strange women that actually iron her husbands shirts. Down Girls!! C;mon, he works two jobs, helsp with the hous and child, and gets about 4 hrs sleep a night. So I put aside my "issues" and do it, all in one go on a Sunday night while we watch tv together. It still sucks.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Kellyansapansa - there are industries that require latex, maybe a career change???

I wish my ironing board would go elsewhere in search of excitement Being Me :)

Quixotic, I, as ever, admire your bravery. Coming out about ironing your hubby's shirts!! Its okay, we accept everyone on this blog, we wont judge you. LOL.

belinda said...


The only thing I willingly iron is my sewing projects.

Once they go from sewing projects to clothes they are unlikely ever to see an iron again. As I mostly wear natural fibres those around me have just got used to my eternally rumpled look.

The most amusing non ironing anecdote I heard was a mother who's young child was doing a everyday item identification test. The teacher came out to the parent very confused and said your child has done really well but didn't recognise an ironing board. The mother involved, looked sort of embarrassed, as she explained he had probably never seen one in his 5 years of existence.

Kind Regards

Michelle said...

hello - just found your blog.
Ironing is highly over rated!!!!

Cathryn Brunet said...

I am so, so lucky. I possess a Husband Who Irons.

In fact, I've spent all morning sitting on my backside net-surfing while he expertly ironed all our clothes.

Pity he's not good at cleaning as well....

Caz said...

I put my hand up to join all of the iron-o-phobes. What do we do when school starts? I'm pretty sure I can't send the big pink off to school without ironing her uniform - when she starts next month!

greenfumb said...

Does anyone actually enjoy ironing? I have just had my MIL here from the UK for three weeks so I saved it all up for her, we could hardly lift the basket it was so heavy and we refused to let her go home until she'd emptied it.

Hubby does his own shirts because he has to but otherwise we are a crumpled family.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL Belinda. That would've been my kids except for the name tags :)

Hi Michelle :)

Cathryn could I please borrow your hubby? I'd give him back. Honest. :)

Caz - I DONT KNOW. I have actually been lying awake at night wondering. I cannot send them to school crumpled and yet... ironing.

Greenfumb if Cathryn won't let me have her hubby, could I borrow your MIL. Pretty please :)

Caz said...

I put my hand up to join all of the iron-o-phobes. What do we do when school starts? I'm pretty sure I can't send the big pink off to school without ironing her uniform - when she starts next month!