Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day

So we've made it through the first day.  I can't believe I got here.  I can't believe that tomorrow they go back and then I get to come home and, well, clean the house, but yanno, nobody will be following behind me trashing it again.

Yay. I think.

No. YAY. Seriously.  Miss 4 loved it and didn't want to come home.  I was most worried about her, she can come across as very out-going, but still needs a lot of support.  But her teacher had her all sorted out.   When she tried to be a drama queen at story-time she was left to her own devices and within thirty seconds she was bouncing up and down with her hand in the air begging to answer questions.

Miss H: Where do possums live?
Miss 4: In our roof.


Naturally, Miss 4 has been a total turd since we got in the car and came home.  For the second time in her life she managed to out scream the loudest volume on the car stereo, and its been one blood-curdling tantrum after the other this afternoon - I've got the windows shut and the air-con on so the neighbours don't have to endure it as well.  She is over tired and over excited, big time. In orbit. Beyond the beyonds. Hubby and I have dug to the deepest depths of our compassion and patience and she is not shut in the chook pen. Well not yet.

Thank GOD for alcohol and pain-killers. (For me - despite all my father's good advice on the care and management of children).

Miss 5 was an angel.  Calm, self-possessed, glad to have me there, but quietly excited about it all.  A little shy when it came to making friends, but so was everyone else, and a bit unsure. But all in all I'm about to faint with pride.  I mean where in the world did I get this child??  This calmness must be a throw-back gene on my Mother's side or something.  Trust me when I tell you she did not get it from hubby or I.

She came home earlier than Miss 4 and I, with hubby.  On the way she mentioned that she really missed her pre-school, so they went a bought a card and dropped in for a visit during the afternoon.  Her teachers and friends were so excited to see her, especially in her new school uniform. Then she spent the afternoon pouring over her learn-to-write book and watching Bambi 2.

Yes, I love her so much I might just explode.

I love her sister as well.  Despite the tantys.  Can't help it.


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Lyndel said...

Hooray for the Nicholas girls!!A proud day for all.

Kellyansapansa said...

Aww, what an exciting day you have all had. Your little girls are really growing up now. You are totally justified in being such a proud mother.

Quixotic said...

aw, bless 'em!!!! Love that I'm not the only Mum who cranks up the radio to tune out tanties!!! Free Fallin always works for me, what's your poison???

Rachael Johns said...

Yay on a fab day for both of them. I sooooooooo feel your pain on the tantrums. With 1-going-on-14 and three-still-wanting-to-be-a-terrible-two it's tantrum central in my house.

life and the memoirs said...

I too put up my hand to turning up the volume on the car radio when tantrums erupt. It doesn't make them stop but I have to do something!
Congrats on 'surviving' your first day! :)

Anna said...

I crank the tunes up to drown out tantrums too! And then I usually sing along really badly. That stops them in their tracks!
Glad their first days went well!

Sami Lee said...

So glad it went well for the littlies Cait. My princess started this week too, and I do understand about the wound up business that occurs when they get home. Holey Moley. I don't know who's more tired, her or me.