Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ladies

I've done my sodding back. Am in a sizeable amount of pain and unable to bend or even pick up so much as a laundry basket. OH okay, it was just twinge-ing but then we got Wii Fit plus and I spent half the afternoon beating the kids into a pulp on the Wii Fit and now I cannot move. Woe. Is. I.

This has led to me spending the other half of the afternoon parked on the couch watching kid's tv and periodically bellowing "Get the f*** away from the chickens," at the dog.

You see the chickens are fulfilling part of their role in the garden, clearing out the weeds and bugs from one of the vege gardens before I plant the spuds. We've set them up a mini-run which, whilst it is dog-proof, the dog can get quite close to them and they don't like it AT ALL - much squawking.  They go back to their proper run in the evening.

I'd like to add that the dog wouldn't hurt the chickens should he happen to get his paws on one. See, utterly harmless.

The chooks are settling in wonderfully and growing every day.  I'm completely delighted with them, the coop is working well,  they're not too much trouble, and its like they've always been here.

Miss 5 horrified her father this afternoon when he got home though.  She saw the dog sneaking up to the chook run and, without moving from the couch she bellowed, "Get the F*** away from the chooks Sebby."

I have no idea where she picks these things up from. No. Idea. At. All.


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Heather Boyd said...

Oh no - poor thing - make sure to get your rest. Bad backs suck.

Kids are the very devil. They ignore what you want and pick up what you don't want.

You know, I've often wondered if my eldest is deaf. Ask him to do something and he doesn't hear me. Whisper, there's chocolate hidden in the fridge and he's pawing through the contents. LOL

Kellyansapansa said...

That is hilarious! Out of the mouths of babes ...

Quixotic said...

hahahaha!!! Like when my 2 year old called her Dad a jackass - I maintain my position of absolute innocence!!!

Psych Babbler said...

Lol...funny how kids can pick up stuff you don't want them to! I have to watch myself around my clients who by the way, apologise to me if they swear :P Hilarious because I swear like a truckie...acc to my friends.

Hope your back gets better soon!!

Being Me said...

Your dog couldn't harm those chickens. He's the SAME SIZE! Awwww. Sorry to hear about your back, that's just the pits. What a fantastic idea to run them like that over your vegie patch. Man, another good reason I gots to get me a couple. Love chooks. ....(That's not my sign-off, just btw)

Lyndel said...

Looks like a bad back is good for your rewrite, an 11% increase. You go girl!!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Cait,
Yes, rest that back. They can be very debilitating at times.

lol children mimic their parents so much. Look out for that one Cait. As for the little dog he is so so cute. I want him. :)

Corinne said...

Ha ha so apt for me as this morning my eldest told her Grandma to: 'stop f***ing around' as she was trying to get her out the door and to the park.
When my mum asked what she said I had to say: 'stop mucking around, Mum, she said "mucking", not the other word.'

Hope the back is better soon, there is no worse pain.