Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bed 5: Sweetcorn & Pumpkin

Bed 5 has grown its green manure, been dug over by the chooks, been sprinkled with chook poo and bloodnbone and then been dug over by hubs.
I declare Bed 5 ready for implantation
I'll be growing the 'three sisters' in this bed.  Sweetcorn, pumpkin and beans.
Sweetcorn seed soaking - pink is the anti fungal stuff it comes coated in
When the sweetcorn starts to sprout I'll plant it out, and then once its looking like it might survive long enough for me to have fantasies about home grown corn cobs, I'll plant the beans and the pumpkin.  I got out my bean and pumpkin seed packets yesterday, and hubs caught me talking to them aka Gollum.

"Hello, my pretties..."



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