Monday, August 29, 2011

Four day tidy up challenge

Because I've been so busy and so tired lately, the house has exploded into clutter.  It began with a small pile of books on my desk, expanded into this...
My desk (under there somewhere)
Which then took over the dinner table...
We started eating at the table in the kitchen
It exploded into the kitchen, and we had to start eating in-front of the TV...
This is not as bad as it was (that mug says 'Now Panic and Freak Out')
Simultaneously, a laundry situation developed...
Had to find the kids school shoes in there this morning
I discovered hubs had secretly made a man nest in the spare room
Miss 5 trashed her room
Miss 7 was nearly buried under a book avalanche in her room
The dog started eating dust bunnies (and then spends the next half hour coughing and hacking them back up)
And I had to wear the Bra Of Last Resort out of the house (admittedly I wore it to Woy Woy, so nobody noticed, but still...)

Unsurprisingly my head exploded last Thursday. The result of which is we have invited our cleaners back into this pit of dammnation.  They were delighted and wanted to know if I'd had my baby yet (erm, yes).  We told them the house had not been cleaned since we last saw them.  They thought we were joking.

Still.  I need to get this heap tidy before they get here, otherwise they won't be able to see the floor to clean it.  I've got until Thursday.

Will I make it?

Stay tuned!

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Tat said...

It must be lovely to have cleaners to call up on in emergencies like this one. Good luck with the tidying challenge!

Vash said...

WTF - was watching a show on hoarders last night - looks vry similar at your place :-)

Mel said...

Holy crap - pardon the pun.  If you aren't heard from for a few day, I am going to call the authorities.