Monday, August 15, 2011


Things are stirring in the garden.

 A couple of years ago we planted a self-seeded peach or nectarine (not sure which).  This spring, for the first time, its got some blossom.  V. Excited.
The almond is also just starting to blossom.  Am keeping close eye on this tree for rust which has defoliated it in the last two years.
Almond blossom

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dixiebelle said...

Good luck with the fruit this season. Our apples had blossom last year but not enough to end in fruit. We must be more diligent with spraying the copper stuff on the nectarine this year too, so we might get to eat something from it, and to stop the curly leaf spreading to the plum again, and to our new peach tree.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Good luck to you too.  Spraying copper stuff on trees today as it happens.  In conniptions because the stuff I'm using is not organic, but we're losing so much to blight, powdery mildew and rust, and I think we've got so much fungus spores etc in the soil that I don't have much of a choice any more.  sigh.

dixiebelle said...

I read (somewhere) that the copper sulphate was still acceptable under 'organic' guidelines. Could be totally making that up, but it felt better in my mind...