Monday, August 08, 2011

Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap

Having a bit of a soap binge of late.  Plan is that they'll be used for gifts as we head towards the end of the year, well if they last that long.

These days I pretty confident with plain cold processed soap - ie, a lye, olive oil/coconut oil type soap.  So have started messing about with more complex soap recipes.


Peppermint and Tea tree wake-up soap
Soap in the moulds
Soap out of the mould - should actually still be in it, but I had an impatient
16 oz water,
6.1oz lye,
18oz coconut oil,
6oz palm oil (I used macadamia nut oil)
16oz olive oil
2 tbs crushed dried peppermint leaves
1 tbs poppy seeds
0.5oz peppermint essential oil
0.5oz tea tree essential oil

Make soap base, then add peppermint leaves, poppy seeds and essential oils at trace.


This soap was expensive to make and took two hours to trace.  Luckily hubs was helping stir.

The main expense was the essential oils, and the cost of coconut oil seems to be increasing every single time I buy it.  Rhonda over a Down To Earth mentioned this the other day, and she's been experimenting with copha instead of coconut oil.  Am planning on giving her recipe a try in the near future.

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Mel said...

It looks great!!

Joygeorge said...

Your soap looks great, much better than my Gran used to make by the 4 gallon kero tin full !! (lol) True she used to tip it out of the tin, cut it into blocks and leave it to dry in the hot sun of the mid-north of S.A.
By accident, the other day I found a seller (nakedpress) on ebay selling pure essential oils of all types, maybe you would be interested in looking?

dixiebelle said...

It looks edible!