Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Look & The Great Tomato Caper

Do you like my new look? Its courtesy of Nuffnang and Sass at Moozoodesign, and I'd like to thank them both immensely.

So tomatoes.  The garden is starting to stir, well, the weeds are starting to stir, the rest of it, the interesting bits, are all quite happy to keep napping thankyouverymuchindeed.  After two months of being ignored, its looking a lot like a barnyard out there. So yesterday, as it was a heavenly day, I finished flinging the fertiliser about the place and got stuck into the Great Tomato Caper.
Garden architecture
The Great Tomato Caper (whereby I planted all the self seeded Tomatoes last May to see if anyone survived the winter) has had mixed results.  After our first big wet spell in June the seedlings all developed Septoria blight.  Rather over it all, I threw my organic principals out the window (gasp, yes) and treated them all with Yates Tomato dust - horrible stuff it is too.  I was disappointed to go that route, but I am so OVER being virtuously organic and ending up with a fat lot of nothing for it.

Anyhoo, there were a few casualties, but a couple of (probably cherry) tomatoes put on good growth and mostly everyone hung in there over the short days of June and July.

THEN we had our second wet spell in July and yes, the Septoria blight is back again, sigh.  There are going to be a couple of casualties, but most plants are putting on new growth and even a few baby tomatoes are appearing.  I've started on the trellises for them, and will be reluctantly dragging out the tomato dust again when it stops raining.

The caper continues.


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Veronica said...

Love the new look, Sass is absolutely fantastic, isn't she?

I'm not listening to you talk about tomatoes. I'm still months away from getting mine in the ground, so LALALALALAAAA. My fingers are in my ears. (Good luck with them!)

Mel said...

The new look is fabulous!!  Have fun with those tomatoes.

dixiebelle said...

I came the other day and loved the new look, was just too busy to comment then! Looks gorgeous, love that colour!!