Thursday, August 18, 2011


I blogged a while back about having post traumatic stress - or being utterly knackered after it all being a bit full on for rather a long time - if you are after a less dramatic title.  The highly effective cure for this has been Doing Nothing, something which I have found distressing as I am very much one for Doing A Lot Of Things All At Once.

Still, I've been good and rested and rested and made plans for day which include 1. Drive Children to school, 2. Pick children up, 3. Feed children takeaway chinese.

And things have been going well, I've been slowly adding more things to my day; writing, cooking, little bit of gardening...

But life, being what it is, has tossed a few things my way in the last couple of days, which have reminded me of how badly I'm able to handle stress at the moment.

1. Twitter account hacked.
I fell for a phishing scam.  Yes. Rather embarrassing.  She who has been nimbly negotiating the internet since its earliest days, voluntarily handed over her twitter username and password to hackers.  Not particularly serious in itself.  But I changed my password too late, they were already in my account and used it to roll the scam out to all my followers via direct message.  It being a clever scam and me having (it seems) a reputation as someone who isn't idiot enough to invite hackers into her twitter account, a LOT of people then fell for the scam as well.
I spent the day stressed and mortified, also I got sore patch on my forehead from banging it on my desk.

2. Trouble on the school front with Miss 5
Miss 5 has taken up pinching other children. This has upset people.  It has also upset me.  It led to the school requesting extra support with regards to Miss 5 - a move which I completely support.  Yesterday I set about organising this extra support.  Or trying to.
It took three hours of phone calls.
And it was only after I completely lost my rag with a child psychologist on the phone, that things started being taken seriously.  After some great advice, I was told we needed a referral from a pediatrician before we could set up an appointment, as various boxes need to be ticked.  Rang the pediatrician. He said we needed a referral from the psychologist before we could set up an appointment.
It was 3.30pm.  I poured myself a glass of wine.

These two things have drained me.  We did eventually get an appointment with the pediatrician sorted out, so its all good.  But today I am feeling brain dead.  I look back a few years, when I was working and had small babies and writing novels, deadlines, pressure and juggling, and realise how exhausted I am now.  A bit of drama over Twitter (ffs) and getting entangled in the healthcare system and I'm back to pottering about the house like an old lady.

So its back to my three amigos... rest, fruit, vitamins.


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dixiebelle said...

Oh, no, that doesn't sound good, it sounds bloody awful & frustrating, and even to those not feeling stressed-out-worn-out-done-in it would be trying. Just keep repeating, "The obstacle is the path". This stuff is coming up for a reason... maybe a little reminder that you are still on the road to recovery & don't go getting too big for your boots before you are healed? Now, back to resting & healing yourself, you deserve and need some down time. Do nothing, it's OK (I keep telling myself!)

Rachael Johns said...

OMG gosh  no wonder you needed wine! Sometimes the health system is STOOPID!! Hope the pinching is sorted soon for you. Hugs :)

Mel said...

 Yikes!!  Try not to let these things stress you out - too late, I know.  Take care of yourself.

Vanessa said...

Take care darlin'.  Lots of people love reading about your life, but definitely take it easy when you need to.  BTW lookin' gorgeous in your new photo!  xx V.

Suzannebrandyn said...

I hope you have recovered. I got one of your spam emails, and did the same. Handed over my address and password. Geeish. I immediately changed it so I am not sure if they got in or not. So far so good. :)