Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Uniform Disaster

As you can imagine Miss 5 is pretty tough on her clothes.  Her winter uniform is one of those wool, dry clean only jobbies that they just have one of - why you would think this is a good choice for an infants school uniform is beyond me, but the ladies at the clothing pool said it was so and I do not argue with the ladies at the clothing pool, no. If I dared it would be remembered forever-more and lead to nasty consequences later in life, including, but not limited too; children failing to pass HSC, children not getting into University, mother not being invited to be a member of the Ladies Auxiliary, AND (oh dear GOD no) mother being excluded from tennis... They are all powerful, the clothing pool ladies. Mess with them at your peril.

I had been ignoring the threadbare patch just above the hem for a week or so.  This uniform has already done Miss 7 for a year and I wasn't surprised it was starting to fall apart.  But I was thinking that if I didn't look directly at it, then it might just make it through to the end of term.

Amazingly, I was wrong.

The very next day Miss 5 arrived home safety pinned into her uniform - the entire front hem had been torn off in a dubious incident that took place during recess away from prying adult eyes.
The Damage.
With a bit of snipping and sewing, I managed to use the excess material in the hem to tidy it all up.  Only then to notice the part that used to be the bottom edge of the dress was worn through as well.  Quick trip to Hornsby and some black interfacing later and we ended up with this...
Reinforcing the other threadbare bits
Then hemmed and ironed, and... well... it could be worse.
Final result - it'll do
Kept me occupied, if nothing else.


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dixiebelle said...

You are so funny! It will do nicely. Or you could add some brightly coloured rick-rack... that would be sure to catch the clothing pool ladies attention!!

Mel said...

It looks good.  I would have made a total mess of it.

Sue Webber said...

A blind man would be glad to see it! :D A dry clean only school dress! What eejit thought that was a good idea?? I'd be shoving in the machine regardless! heheh!