Saturday, August 20, 2011

Planting Seeds

This, my friends, is my 901st post. Yep, that's a lot of blogging.

Today I spent the morning getting seeds planted.
Seed raising department
We've got...

  • White box on the left: 
    • Rockmelon (rockmelons of the world mix)
    • Watermelon (moon and stars)
  • White box on the right: 
    • Lettuces
      • yellow leaf 
      • lollo mix
  • Blue thingy, left side
    • something (Honesty?? (the flower))
    • Squash (spagetti)
    • Zuchinni
      • Black beauty
      • Tri colour mix
  • Blue thingy, right side
    • Eggplants (long purple)
    • Onion (barletta)
    • Red spring onion
    • Leeks, Leeks and more leeks
    • Celeriac
    • erm, something else that will be a big surprise
    • That's probably it
Now they just have to survive dogs, cats, possums, birds, chooks, snails, too much water, no water at all, Miss 5...

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Diana Demiyah said...

Congratulation on your 901th post! Good Luck with those seeds. Hope you have many rewards for it . Have a nice weekend.

Mel said...

Congrats on your 901th post!!  Keep writing!!
Good luck with the garden.  Hopefully, everything will do well.

Fi said...

Eeek this reminds me: Must Plant My Seeds!

Congrats on your 901th post, awesome blogging right there :)