Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yay Us, and Snowpeas

Pshaw!  What a week.  Feel like feet haven't touched the ground since Monday.  Is good though.  It looks like we are finally, finally going to get some proper help with Miss 5 after being given the run around for such a long time.  (You know, right now, I want allcaps on and to be typing bad bad words about those individuals who brushed us off when we were begging for help, and O.M.G. how I want to let rip about the person who told me the issues were due to my 'failure to bond' with my child - but I shall, as ever, be circumspect. SIGH).

But, really, my desire to slander some choice individuals is beside the point.  Things are coming together, and with support I think life might be going to get better for everyone involved. So yay us.

Anyway, snowpeas.
Snowpeas doing nicely
These are in the front garden, and something has been doing midnight raids on the front garden and beheading my calendulars and parsley.  So, I am having low expectations.  Still, they are looking good at the moment.


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Mel said...

 I am glad to hear that some help and support are coming your way.  The snow peas look good, I hope they survive.